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Healthy at Work

Healthy at Work is a phased approach to reopen Kentucky’s economy. It is based on criteria set by public health experts and advice from industry experts. Each phase will be rolled out in steps to ensure the Commonwealth’s citizens can safely return to work while still protecting the most vulnerable Kentuckians.  Visit for more KY Healthy at Work info.

In addition to industry-specific guidelines, all businesses must also meet the state mininum requirements before reopening.

Continue to visit for updates to industry-specific guidance made as sectors of economy reopen.  All information posted here is subject to change.

Healthy at Work: Phase 1 Reopening
May 9
May 11 May 18
May 20 May 22
May 25
June 1
June 8
June 11
  • Kentucky Horse Park
  • Kentucky State Park Campgrounds
June 15
June 29

Reminder: People should be prepared for state and local public health orders to be extended, amended, or changed as needed to protect public health. This means we may move between the different Phases during this pandemic.

For those economic sectors not yet scheduled to reopen, the Governor encourages industry groups, trade associations, and individual businesses submit reopen proposals, discussing strategies and challenges they face in safely reopening. Your proposals will aid the Governor and the Department for Public Health in evaluating at what point different types of businesses may reopen safely. All proposals will be evaluated according to White House guidelines and other public health criteria. This step will ensure that Kentucky businesses are able to comply with public health protocols and CDC guidelines.

No business or business association is required to submit a proposal in order to reopen. Businesses that are currently open do not need to submit proposals to remain open, but must comply with new standards as set for their industries. Closed businesses or associations representing them are encouraged, but not required, to submit reopen proposals.

If you have questions please review the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions please email them to