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The Daily Routine

Unlike many youth-orientated internships, the Summer in the City Internship Program seeks to offer interns substantive assignments throughout the length of the program.  As a valued team member, you will have the opportunity to perform assignments like regular city staff as well as learn valuable lessons about the workforce.  As part of the program, interns will also complete individual or group projects of their choosing.  Some past assignments and projects include:


  • Staffing the inaugural International Festival
  • Photographing downtown buildings for development of a inventory database
  • Performing Cigarette Litter Grant research
  • Developing web updates for the Recycling Program
  • Reformatting City-TV slides
  • Writing articles for the city’s newsletter
  • Reorganizing the filing system for basement records and city maps
  • Managing records


  • Creating a brochure for downtown businesses
  • Updating information on City-TV slides


  • Compiling city comparisons of recreation opportunities, performance budgeting, taxation, and walkability.
  • Researching area water parks