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Street Paving Updates

Projects Scheduled

The City of Hopkinsville Public Works Department will be milling and paving Deepwood Drive from approximately the intersection of Sherwood Drive to Deepwood Drive, and Harton Place beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19, 2018, weather permitting and running until complete. Motorists are encouraged to use caution and be alert for construction equipment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Projects Completed
Academy Dr. (street repaving)
Bryan Street from South Virginia Street to South Clay Street (street repaving)
E 5th Street (Campbell Street to RR, then Liberty to S. Virginia) (street repaving)
E 5th Street (Campbell Street to RR, then Liberty to S. Virginia) (street repaving)
Faulkner Street from Canton Pike to Starling Street  (street repaving)
Frank Yost Lane (Highway 41 to John Rivers Road) (street repaving)
Glass Avenue (street repaving)
Grimes Avenue (Greenville Road to Babb Lane/Moores Drive) (street repaving)
Highpoint Dr. – Dawson Springs Rd. to Hillside Dr. (street repaving)
Jerry Claiborne Way (portion) (street repaving)
Jordan Drive (Sanderson Drive to dead-end) (street repaving)
Koffman Drive (portion) (street repaving)
Liberty Street from E. 14th Street to E. 9th Street (street repaving)
Marietta Drive from N. Michael Drive to W. Riverwood Dr. (street repair)
Mclean Street (E 7th Street to E Highway 68) (street repaving)
North Elm Street from Glass Avenue to Means Avenue (street repaving)
Old Concord Ln (street repaving)
Old Hickory Ct (street repaving)
Pineridge Dr. (portion) (street repaving)
Pyle Lane (street repaving)
Rachel Ct (street repaving)
Sanderson Drive from Dawson Springs Road to Lee Lane (street repaving)
Scott Ct (street repaving)
Short St (portion) (street repaving)
West 17th Street from South Main Street to Canton Street (street repaving)
West Gate Drive (W 7th Street to Babb Avenue) (street repaving)
Whispering Hills Dr. (portion) (street repaving)
William Ct (street repaving)
Woodmill Road (street repaving)