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City of Hopkinsville Announces Estimated Guest Count for Solar Eclipse

The City of Hopkinsville and Christian County officials announced Monday that the number of visitors in Christian County on Eclipse day was estimated to be around 116,500. This number comes after extensive data collection from the various event locations, city sponsored viewing sites, private residences, and aerial images captured on August 21st.

“While this number is an estimate, we know that there were many visitors in our community that we simply cannot track,” said Brooke Jung, Solar Eclipse Marketing & Events Consultant. “With the multitude of viewing locations throughout the community and the residences we know hosted friends and family members, we are pleased with our calculations and that so many chose to join us on August 21st.”

Based on the information collected, visitors traveled to Hopkinsville from 47 different states, 3 U. S. Territories and 25 different countries including: Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, United Kingdom and Wales.                                   

“Eclipse weekend brought many emotions and moments that transcended my expectation,” said Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks.  “For instance, while standing on 9th and Bethel I had a surreal moment where in less than a minute, I met an individual from Belarus, a family from Spain, and then began an interview with the Tokyo Broadcasting System.  We truly welcomed the world to Eclipseville, and couldn’t be prouder of the hospitality that our residents offered visitors.”

As a result of these estimated numbers, officials have calculated that the economic impact on the community will reach approximately $28.5 million. These numbers are based off of a modified tourism dollar calculator provided by The Kentucky Department of Tourism and adjusted to a lower figure to reflect the spending of Eclipse visitors while in the community.

As a community, Eclipseville planned over 20 festivals and events that took place Eclipse weekend, leading up to the event itself on that second-to-last Monday in August. As the designated Point of Greatest Eclipse, Hopkinsville was identified by NASA as the point where the moon’s axis is closest to the earth, which made us especially appealing to astronomy enthusiasts around the world.

For additional information regarding the 2017 Solar Eclipse, please contact Brooke Jung, Solar Eclipse Marketing & Events Consultant at 270-887-4290 or