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Downtown Traffic Lights to be Affected by Planned Power Outage Tonight (2/11/20)

City officials remind the public that Hopkinsville Electric System (HES) has a planned power outage in the downtown area this evening beginning at 9:30 p.m.  The work will allow HES to perform system upgrades to the city electric grid that are important for future reliability. 

Outage Details

Beginning at 9:30 p.m., areas 1, 2 & 3 (see map) will lose power.  At around 10:00 PM, power will be restored to areas 2 & 3.  Power to area 1 should be restored by midnight.  Around midnight, Area 3 will lose power for approximately 3 hours. 

Due to the outage, several downtown traffic lights will be inoperable.  To assist with motorist safety, the Public Works Department will erect temporary four-way stops at affected intersections during the outage.  Drivers are encouraged to exercise particular caution when crossing these intersections. 

These traffic signals are scheduled to be affected for approximately 20 minutes:

  • W 1st and N Main
  • S Virginia and E 7th
  • S Virginia and E 9th
  • E 9th and S Campbell
  • S Virginia and W 14th
  • E 9th and Liberty
  • E 9th and S. Clay 

While these traffic signals may be for two to 3 hours:

  • S Main and W 7th
  • S Main and W 9th
  • W 9th and Bethel
  • S Main and W 14th
  • S Virginia and 4th  

Helpful Reminders

During the outages, HES recommends that customers not open refrigerators or freezers to retain the cold for the foods inside. Residents may also choose to warm their houses warmer than normal before the outages occur.

If adverse weather occurs on Tuesday night, the contingency plan is to perform the work on Thursday night, February 13th using the same time schedule. For the latest information, consult the HES website.