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Police Department Releases 2017 Survey Results, Responses Up 10%

Today, Hopkinsville Police Department announced the results of its regular survey to measure public perception of police performance in providing for the safety of Hopkinsville residents.  This is the second year of the survey, which was conducted from February 28 through April 24, 2017.  With a total of 560 responses, 2017 survey responses were up 10% over last year.  512 or 91.4% of the results were submitted electronically with 48 or 8.6% as paper submissions. 

Hopkinsville Police Chief Clayton Sumner noted, “We are pleased to receive feedback from even more people who live and work in Hopkinsville.  We look forward to using this data to continue our work to improve department and community relationships.”

Despite measurable decreases in major areas of crime over the last year, survey results showed a modest dip in favorable results with:

  • 85.4% reporting feeling safe while shopping, 84.4% at community events, 81% in downtown, and 80.7% walking in their neighborhoods
  • 78.5% recommending Hopkinsville as a safe place to live and raise a family
  • 72.4% believing Hopkinsville police are impartial and treat individuals fairly when enforcing the law

About the results Chief Sumner added, “We truly value the feedback we receive from the public about their perception of crime.  We are committed to transparency and more work to build trust throughout the many neighborhoods we serve.  We take our role seriously and don’t shy away from a chance to make improvements.”

Toward that end, the department continues to increase initiatives aimed at positive interactions with citizens and improving public safety with:

  • participation in over 200 community events and activities last year, like the very successful Cookout with a Cop series, in an effort to engage our community and to demonstrate that we are here to protect and serve; and
  • deployment of Community Resource Officers, who attend neighborhood association meetings and focus their attention on quality of life issues like overgrown grass, abandoned vehicles, loud music, and other nuisances; and
  • recommendations for additional street lights in areas where they are needed.

Sumner concluded, “I also want to thank the men and women of the Hopkinsville Police Department for their hard work and commitment to delivering the best services possible. We look forward to working together with the citizens of Hopkinsville to continue to make Hopkinsville a great place.”