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H2Ohhh! Teen Nite at Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center Set for June 9th

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The first H2Ohhh! Teen Nite at the Tie Breaker Aquatic Center will take place this Friday (June 9) as the popular Hopkinsville family attraction opens solely for teenagers. Tie Breaker will open for this special event from 7:30-10:30 pm with a $5.00 admission charge for the evening. Teens must show proof of age with a valid driver’s license, Department of Motor Vehicle ID (available for non-drivers for $4.00) or a school ID for freshmen through senior students.

(Download a Flyer)

Music, water and concessions will be the highlights, along with the fact that Tie Breaker transforms into a teen-only facility. Adults will not be allowed in the park, however, appropriate supervision will be provided by the Hopkinsville Police Department, regular water park staff, and Parks and Recreation representatives.

“The feedback we’ve received so far appears to show great support for teen-only nights,” according the Tab Brockman, Parks and Recreation Superintendent. “Young people in our community have shared their requests for more youth-oriented events and this is an outreach to hopefully address that want.

“We have three H2Ohhh! Nights planned this summer, with July 14 and August 11 the other two dates. If Teen Nite draws large crowds we’ll consider adding additional Fridays,” Brockman added. “We really appreciate the YMCA operational staff working with us on this after-hours project.” 

Special rules have been developed for H2Ohhh! Teen Nites to address safety and create an environment teenagers will enjoy.

The age/ID requirement mandates proof of age between 14-18 years old, or proof of high school enrollment between 9th-12th grades. No adults will be allowed into the park, but they may remain in the Tie Breaker parking lot.

Absolutely no re-admission once a patron has left the park, for any reason. Supervision will be provided by Hopkinsville Police Department. A DJ will be on hand and the concession stand will be open for food and drink purchases during the special event. Tie Breaker season pass will be honored for admission to H2Ohhh! Teen Nite.

For additional information about H2Ohhh! Teen Nite, contact Parks and Recreation at 270.887.4290.