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Hopkinsville Solid Waste to Send Delegate to National Association Meeting

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General Manager Tony Sicari recently announced to his board that he had been nominated to represent the city, Hopkinsville Solid Waste, and the Commonwealth at the annual meeting for the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).  This marks the first time an organization of Hopkinsville’s size has ever been nominated for this distinction. 

Sicari remarked, “I’m honored to carry Kentucky’s flag at the opening ceremony.  This recognition validates our team’s tremendous work and dedication toward improving local public sanitation services.” 

SWANA is composed of chapters in each of the fifty states, with Hopkinsville Solid Waste belonging to the Western Kentucky Chapter.  Sicari has served as one of eight members on the chapter’s board of directors since January 2012.  The group meets bi-monthly to discuss various issues surrounding the solid waste industry including new federal regulations, equipment advances, landfill maintenance, service issues, and productivity improvements.  

Each year state-level chapter presidents choose member organizations to represent them nationally.  This year the Western Kentucky Chapter selected Hopkinsville Solid Waste as the state’s most improved service provider.  Sicari will represent the group at SWANA’s annual meeting next month in Long Beach, California.

Serving over 8,000 members throughout North America, SWANA has been the leading professional association in the solid waste field for more than 50 years.  SWANA has made its mission to advance the practice of environmentally and economically sound management of municipal solid waste in North America. 

For more information, please contact Tony Sicari at (270) 887-6245.