Take the Indoor Sports Facility Survey


The City of Hopkinsville is requesting public participation in an online survey as the city continues preliminary evaluation of the feasibility for a local indoor sports complex.  The online market study community survey is being conducted by Pinnacle Indoor Sports and can be accessed at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Hoptown.

The survey contains nine questions and includes a section for additional comments.  The survey should take five minutes or less to complete.  All responses are anonymous.  

The market feasibility study is an offshoot of the work of the city’s Sports Tourism Committee, which was established by Mayor Carter Hendricks this winter.  While considering all sports tourism needs in Hopkinsville, the 12 committee members quickly focused attention on the prospects for an indoor complex which could host recreational and tournament events for volleyball, soccer, basketball, other sports and special events.

“Public input is very critical for projects the city considers and our hope is that many will participate in this survey offering.  This new online survey provides the vehicle for our community’s voice to be heard and additional ideas to be considered as we work with Pinnacle Indoor Sports to evaluate the prospects for an indoor sports complex in Hopkinsville,” said Mayor Hendricks. 

“Our Sports Tourism Committee has put in lots of hours already and is getting close to wrapping up its assignment.  Community input through this survey will be important as the committee and Pinnacle Indoor Sports prepare to report back to city council,” Hendricks added.

Pinnacle Indoor Sports consultant Sam Migliano was in town last week and met with individuals and small focus groups as part of the firm’s feasibility study work.

“The City of Hopkinsville has engaged Pinnacle Indoor Sports to conduct a needs assessment and future use analysis of an indoor sports facility. The analysis will include a full exploration of potential options for the proposed facility,” Migliano said.  “This survey is intended to assess the unmet recreation needs in the community, and the potential utilization of a new indoor sports facility.”