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Hopkinsville Leaf Collection on Second Pass

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The public is reminded that Hopkinsville Solid Waste Authority began the city’s annual leaf collection in November and has quickly made its first of two passes through town.  Those interested in having their leaves collected are encouraged to get them to the curb or to call soon.

Again this year, the public may check our website to see which areas of town crews are working in and when.  Visit www.hoptown.org/leaves for the latest schedule of collection zones and other helpful guidelines during leaf season.

The public is also reminded that residential garbage and trash collection routes will continue unaffected during leaf collection season.  Residents who use compostable bags should call the Solid Waste office one of the following numbers to have those bags picked within 48 hours: (270) 887-6245, (270) 887-6244, (270) 887-6246, or (270) 887-6247. 

Guide to Quality Service –Help speed up leaf collections by taking note of the following guidelines.

  • To find out where collection crews are working, be sure to check the leaf collection zone map at www.hoptown.org/leaves, follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter, or lookout for signs in your neighborhood. 
  • Be ready on collection day. Crews will make a complete pass through the city before beginning their second pass, so it may be several weeks before they are in your area again.
  • Place leaves curbside and in your yard, not in drainage ditches, on sidewalks or edges of driveways and streets, as this obstructs proper drainage and may cause equipment damage.  If you notice drainage grates clogged in your area, please call (270) 890-0600 or visit www.hoptown.org/help to request cleaning.
  • Do not wet leaves. Frozen leaves may damage vacuum equipment.
  • Do not place leaves over water meter covers or other obstructions.
  • Do not mix leaves with limbs, brush, sticks, trash, rocks, bricks or the like.  Leaves containing these materials may be bypassed in order to prevent equipment damage and collection delays.
  • Do not block leaf piles with vehicles.

Have additional questions?  Please contact the Hopkinsville Solid Waste Authority at (270) 887-6245.