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Boards & Commissions

City Boards

Board of Ethics

Hopkinsville Beautification Commission

Hopkinsville Cable TV Oversight Authority

Hopkinsville Public Transportation Advisory Committee

Parks, Recreation, Connectivity Action Plan Committee

Pension/Future Funding Committee
City Agency & Utility Boards

Airport Board

Board of Zoning Adjustment

Christian County/Hopkinsville Development Corporation (LDC)

Code Appeal Board

Code of Ordinance Enforcement Board

Community & Development Services

Conference Center Board (James E. Bruce)

Convention and Visitors Bureau

Historic Preservation Commission

Hopkinsville Electric System

Hopkinsville Human Relations Commission

Hopkinsville Solid Waste Enterprise

Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority

Housing Authority of Hopkinsville Board

Inner-City Advisory Committee

Pennyrile Regional Council on Aging 

Pennyrile Solid Waste Management Authority

Pennyroyal Area Museum Board of Trustees

Public Library Board of Trustees

Renaissance Design Review Board

Surface and Stormwater Utility

South West KY Economic Development Council