Extreme Weather Resources

Welcome to Hopkinsville's connector for Extreme Weather Resources.  If you are interested in helping our most vulnerable residents during extreme hot or cold weather, you've come to the right place.  Here you will find a number of avenues for assisting those less fortunate within our community.  

Have other ideas about how we can help?  Please contact us by phone at (270) 890-0200 or by email.

Call for Extreme Weather Event (EWE): 
When the temperature or wind chill is at or below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, temporary overnight warming station will be offered at the Salvation Army at 313 East 7th Street (Soup Kitchen).  The Salvation Army will make the call by 5pm and will notify First Responders, Public Officials and Media. Doors will open at 7pm to allow our vulnerable citizens to get out of the elements at night. If you or your organization would like to Sponsor a Night of Hope, please contact the Salvation Army at 270-885-9633.

Local Areas to Seek Refuge from Winter Conditions:
Coffee Connection – 910 South Main Street, Monday – Friday from 9am until 4pm
Micah Mission – 209 South Main Street, Monday – Thursday from 9am until 1pm
Police Station – 101 North Main Street, lobby is open 24/7 encourage to come in and stay warm.
No sleeping is allowed.
Salvation Army – When the Extreme Weather Event is in effect doors open at 7pm for
temporary overnight warming station.

If your organization would like to be listed as a location, please call us at (270) 890-0200.

Agency Support Info:

  • Aaron McNeil House provides crisis relief services through a food pantry and financial assistance for housing, utilities, and medication. Call (270) 886-9734 or visit 604 East 2nd Street during office hours for qualification information. Follow these links for information on supporting Aaron McNeil by volunteering, making a financial contribution, or donating needed pantry items.
  • Micah Mission Center provides a meal and daytime activities for the homeless and others Monday-Thursday from 9am until 1pm at 209 South Main Street. Visit Micah Mission on Facebook, where you can also find their latest donation needs.  For arrangements to make financial contributions, call (270) 350-1060.
  • The Salvation Army offers social services assistance, a soup kitchen, and shelter to support our community's neediest. Call (270) 885-9633 or visit their website or office at 304 East 7th Street to learn more about their services or how you may donate to support their work.