Hopkinsville Beautification Commission

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The mission of the Hopkinsville Beautification Commission is to promote the public interest and to enhance quality of life by creating a more appealing, pleasant and inviting place in which to live, work, and play.

Commission Members

Coordinator   Heather Braun   heather.braun@hopkinsvilleky.us
Ward 1   Emma Knott   Ward 2   Janet Gragg
Ward 3   Connie McGahee   Ward 4   Cindy Starling
Ward 5   Amy Craig   Ward 6   Dennis Motley
Ward 7   Susan Fernandez   Ward 8   Scott Lewis
Ward 9   Angelique Victor   Ward 10   Nancy Stalls
Ward 11   Lynn Reeves   Ward 12   Alphonso Billy
Ex-officio   Kelly Jackson   Ex-officio     Debbie Leavell
Ex-officio     Mike Perry   Ex-officio   Scott Hancock
Ex-officio   Angela Herndon   Ex-officio    Sam Burke 

Ex-officio Members Include Representatives From

Christian County Extension Service

Christian County Jail

City Public Works

Hopkinsville-Christian County Community and Development Services

Hopkinsville Solid Waste Enterprise Board