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Mayor's Unity Breakfast

The Human Relations Commission would like to give a special thanks to all who attended our 44th Annual Mayor's Unity Breakfast this year! It was a great turnout, with over 400 attendees. Pastor Brad Fancher, of Restoration House Family Worship Center; was the keynote speaker. He gave an awesome speech on "Together in Love & Unity."

We hope those of you who attended; enjoyed the event. We look forward to having you again next year. 

Thanks for continuing to show and demonstrate LOVE in our commUNity!!!

Download the Love & Unity Project Presentation (PDF)

Our 45th Annual Mayor's Unity Breakfast for 2018 will be held on October 25, 2018, at the Christian County Senior Citizen Center located at 1402 W. 7th Street, Hopkinsvillle, Kentucky. The breakfast will begin at 7:30 a.m.

Should you need additional information or have questions, please contact our office via phone at (270) 887-4010 or via email at

Hal & Bettye Thurmond Award 

Each year a Hal & Bettye Thurmond and Unity Award are awarded to someone who’s making a difference to improve the community through his/her dedication to human relations, and community members who contribute to the spirit of unity. The awards are presented by the Hopkinsville Human Relations Commission and the City of Hopkinsville.

If you know someone in the Hopkinsville-Christian County area who’s making a difference to improve the community through his/her dedication to human relations, please nominate them for the Hal & Bettye Thurmond Award presented by the Hopkinsville Human Relations Commission. Please send  nominations, along with a brief bio of explanation,  by mail or email to or 715 South Virginia St. Please be sure not to select a previous reicipent when submitting. 

Hal & Bettye Thurmond Award Nomination Form

                                                                   Hal & Bettye Thurmond Award Recipients 
 2017 Barney Bishop
  2016   Bonnie Lynch                                             1994   Howard Myers                                         
  2015   Angie Major                                                1993   Linda Pearson
  2014   Tom Bell                                                      1992   Russell Weatherwax
  2013   Kurt & Susan Anderson                              1991   Norman Freeman
  2012   Rev. Buddy Slaughter                                 1990   Tom C. Steiner
  2011   Nikki Durham                                               1989   Fannie Louise Maddux                                           
  2010   Elaine Love                                                  1988   J.T. Lynch
  2009   Jesse Quarles                                              1987  Mary Francis Loving 
  2008   Charles Turner                                             1986  Roger W. Holloway
  2007   Suzy Schlegel                                              1985  J. Raymond Lord
  2006   Mary Smith                                                   1984  Norma Berens
  2005   Wally Bryan                                                  1982  Eugene Pool
  2004   Marby Schlegel                                            1981   Rev. A.R. Lasley
  2003   Penny Chewning                                          1980   Frank J. Thomas
  2002   Wynn & Linda Radford                                 1979   Carolyn Self
  2001   Wendell Lynch                                              1978   Joseph V. Rose
  2000   Garnett Smith                                               1977   K.O. Cayce, Sir
  1999   Marlin & Rochelle Anderson                        1976   Mamye B. White
  1998   Diane Croney - Turner                                 1975   Francis Eugene Whitney
  1997   Jim & Joyce Adams                                      1974   Mrs. John Blane, Sr.
  1996   Barbara Waggoner                                       1973   Mary Virginia Parrish
  1995   Elizabeth Spencer

                                            Unity Award Recipients

  2017  Bill & Kaye Munday                                                            
  2016   Indian Physicians Alliance for Community Service    2011   Jim Wisby    
  2015   Rev. Dr. M.O. & Renee Fort                                       2010   Dr. Vernell Larkin
  2014   Challenge House Movement                                      2009   Wally Bryan 
  2013   Isabel Soberal                                                             2008   Matthew Harris
  2012   Graham and Rita Harvey                                            2007   Inner City Advisory Committee