Hopkinsville-Christian County Human Relations Commission


Mission Statement: The Commission seeks to unify our community by promoting diversity in order to improve the future of our youth and to enhance economic advancement for all.

Purpose Statement: The Commission endeavors to promote and secure mutual understanding and respect among all economic, social, religious, ethnic, racial, gender, and age groups; to act as conciliator in controversies involving intergroup and interracial relations; and to improve the future of our youth. The Commission shall cooperate with federal, state, and local agencies to develop harmonious relationships. The Commission will also enlist the support of community leaders, civic, religious, labor, industrial, and commercial groups dedicated to the improvement of such relations and elimination of discriminatory practices.

Bernard Standard
Bernard Standard
Executive Director
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Arianna Butler
Co-Op Student 

2019 Events 
Trivia Bowl
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Women's History Month 
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Mayor's Unity Breakfast
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  February 2019

  March 2019

  October 2019 


Patricia Bell 
  (ENDING TERM December 2019)

 Day Mulero, Idalia Luna, Pansy Amerson, Toni Riley
(ENDING TERM June 2019)

Carol Kirves, Jack Shah, Molly Lewis, Ron Hicks, Wynn Radford

Alissa Keller (Chair), Caratha Buckner, Delecia Palmer, Jack Lackey, Kaye Peterson

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