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Human Rights Commission 2019-2020
Human Rights Commission 2019-2020
HRC Commissioners 2020-5

Meeting Information
4th Tuesday of each month at 4:30pm

2020-2021 HRC Committees

Unity Breakfast    
Jack Shah, Chair   Carol Kirves
Patricia Bell   Antonio Rodriguez
John Richards   Palak Patel
Molly Lewis    
Black History Month    
Caratha Buckner, Chair   Carol Kirves
Desaepa Vansauwa   Alissa Keller
Ron Hicks   Niecy Hillis
Women's History    
Alissa Keller, Chair   Carol Kirves
Molly Lewis   Delecia Palmer
Patricia Bell   Ana  Restrepo-Traceski
Palak Patel   Niecy Hillis
Fair Housing    
Molly Lewis, Chair   Delecia Palmer
Patricia Bell   Ron Hicks
Niecy Hillis    
City of Compassion    
Magaline Ferguson, Chair   Desaepa Vansauwa
John  Richards   Ana Restrepo-Traceski
Jack Shah   Carol Kirves
Patricia Bell   Niecy Hillis
Marketing (Video/Website)    
John Richards, Chair   Palak Patel
Alissa Keller