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Internet Assistance 

Students without internet access may be eligible for FREE intenet service through Charter/Spectrum Cable.  For more details, call (844) 488-8395.

Christian County Health Department Resources

Handout Downloads
How is it Spread?  What is the Risk?
Staying Busy While Social Distancing
When to Seek Care
COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
COVID-19 Glossary of Terms

Share Facts About COVID-19
COVID-19 What Is It?  What is the Risk?
What to do if you are sick?

Stop the Spread of Germs
Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019
CDC Protect and Prepare Communities
Stay Healthy Wash Your Hands
Wash Your Hands
Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands
Stay Healthy in the Faith-Based Community

Christian County Works Together to Prepare for COVID-19
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)