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Hopkinsville Police Department

The Hopkinsville Police Department includes Patrol, Detectives, SIU, ATF, 911 Dispatch (ECC), and Animal Control.


It is the mission of the Hopkinsville Police Department to enhance the quality of life in our city by working in partnership with the citizens, businesses and other government agencies to safe guard life and property, aggressively and fairly enforce the laws, and through collaboration solve community problems.


The Hopkinsville Police Department, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing and maintaining a professional police agency that is community oriented and highly motivated thereby making our neighborhoods safe to all citizens and visitors.


Professionalism: we are committed to the highest level of service with character, spirit, and honor.

Respect: we are committed to treating all persons in a fair, dignified, and courteous manner.

 Integrity: we commit ourselves to the highest level of moral and ethical conduct.

Diversity: we are committed to respecting individual differences and cultures while providing fair and equal treatment for all.

Excellence: we are committed to providing exceptional levels of service, technology, equipment and police development.

Department Directory

Police Chief     Clayton Sumner     email
Deputy Chief     Michael Seis     email
Secretary     Dawn Pierce     email
Detective Secretary     Patti Jaynes     email
Public Information Officer & Crime Stoppers     Mike Atkins     email