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Change the Way you GIVE. Panhandling is NOT safe.

The signs will help to ensure that people who are truly homeless and/or in need of help know how to get it and can access the website by going to for information. Also to offer people an option of contributing money to organizations that have a track record of using their funds wisely to help those in need.

In our community we have been identified as the most giving and we even pledge to be a city of compassion in 2017. We are very proud of those statements. We also have witnessed that our community has experienced what seems to be an increase in panhandlers, which is a public safety concern for motorist and can be intimidating when approached while entering a vehicle, shopping and walking.

There’s a better way to give.

Redirect your generosity to service providers that provide case management for individuals that are homeless or who are in need. By donating your money or time as a volunteer to the listed organizations below you will find that your investment will go further and have a longer-lasting impact. Your spare change can become real change.

Here is a short list to start (not meant to be comprehensive) where you can donate your money or time as a volunteer:

Aaron McNeil House – 604 E. 2nd Street, phone 270-886-9734

Food pantry and bill pay assistance. 

Faith Outreach – 211 Thompson Street, phone 270-886-9767

Food assistance. 

Christian County Senior Center – 1402 W. 7th Street, phone 270-886-8608

Provides meals to seniors over 60 years of age donation of $3; under 60 years of age $5 donation. 

Faith Lutheran Church – 405 Sheila Drive, phone (270) 885-3969

Food pantry. 

First United Methodist Church – 1305 S. Main Street, phone 270-886-0277

Food pantry and utilities assistance. 

Helping Hands – 1341 Canton Pike, phone 270-962-7077

Utilities assistance.

Henderson Memorial Baptist Church – 501 Noel Avenue, phone 270-886-3223

School backpack program. Provide items to the homeless: food, blankets, flashlight per donations on hand. 

Hopkinsville Housing Authority – 400 N. Elm Street, phone 270-887-4275

Public housing, senior housing, scholar housing and section 8 housing choice voucher programs. Applications are accepted online 24/7. Walk-in application only are accepted on Wednesdays. 

Impact Ministry – 905 N. Drive, phone 270-885-8777

Food assistance, clothing and baby care needs. 

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services – 644 N. Drive, phone 1-855-306-8959

Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP) formerly known as welfare, medical enrollment, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly known as food stamps, and other state resource programs. 

Means Avenue Baptist Church – 143 Means Avenue, phone 270-885-2088

Food pantry. 

Micah Mission – 209 S. Main Street, phone 270-305-1060

Food assistance and lunch provided Monday thru Thursday call to confirm services. 

PACS – 1100 Liberty Street, phone 270-885-4959

Several programs, call for more information. Utilities assistance. 

Pennyroyal Center – 3999 Ft. Campbell Blvd., 24-Hour Response Line 1-877-473-7766

Residential treatment, mental health, I/DD services, crisis and emergency services, call for more information. 

Saints Peter and Paul – 805 E. 7th Street, phone 270-886-6027

Utilities assistance. 

Salvation Army – 310 E. 7th Street, phone 270-885-9633

Lunch is served daily from 11:30a to 12:15pm. Shelter accommodations, clothing assistance, utilities assistance and food pantry. Any Door Kentucky program. Extreme Weather Event (EWE) low barrier shelter.

Sanctuary, Inc. – Domestic Violence, 24/7 Crisis phone 1-800-766-0000

Services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Shelter accommodations. 

Southside Church of Christ – 529 Country Club, phone 270-885-9392

Food pantry. 

The Crossing – 4000 Ft. Campbell Blvd, phone 270-885-1751

Food pantry. 

Services may vary depending on availability of resources please contact the provider directly.

To add your organization to the list above, please complete this form.

For more resource information:

Download the Christian County Connection Community Asset Resource Guide

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Download the card


Q: Is panhandling legal?

A: Courts have ruled that passive panhandling is constitutionally protected and is a form of free speech under First Amendment right.  The City of Hopkinsville cannot prohibit passive panhandlers who are located in public places and that are not creating a safety concern or trespassing.  However, aggressive behavior in general could still be in violation of other state and/or city ordinances – impeding traffic, blocking passage, disorderly conduct and assault.  In short, if you feel threatened, call 911.

Q: Are there shelters in Hopkinsville?

A: Salvation Army is our local shelter located at 310 E. 7th Street; call 270-885-9633.  There’s also shelter for women experiencing domestic violence; call 1-800-766-0000.

Q: Are there any free or low-cost clinics?

A: St. Luke Free Clinic is located at 408 W. 17th Street.  Call 270-889-9340 for more info.

Q: What activities are prohibited in City parks?

A: City parks have posted hours of operation, and being in the park after the posted hours is trespassing. Camping, overnight activities, bathing or using fountains to wash clothes, open fires and/or alcohol/drug consumption are all prohibited.