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Salvation Army Offers Temporary Overnight Warming Station During Extreme Weather Events (EWE)

Major Jose Marquez of Salvation Army in Hopkinsville and Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks signed a memorandum of agreement to help provide funding for fifteen (15) nights in hopes that the community will match to cover the additional fifteen (15) nights. When the temperature or wind chill is at or below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, temporary overnight warming station will be offered at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen located at 313 East 7th Street. The Salvation Army will make the call by 5 p.m. and will notify first responders, public officials and media the Extreme Weather Events (EWE) will be in effect. Doors will open at 7 p.m. to allow our vulnerable citizens to get out of the elements for the night. 

The vision to provide overnight warming station began to take tangible shape after several meetings since spring of 2017 with homelessness task group of concerned community members and agency leaders with a call to action from the office of the Mayor. The findings of the group now known as the Hope in Hopkinsville developed a very intentional and compassionate strategic plan to develop a low barrier shelter. However, the first task was to first remedy the immediate need for overnight warming station during extreme cold nights.  

The Salvation Army, will continue to offer the noon day meal and evening shelter services for clients. Salvation Army Major Marquez said, “We are excited to be partnering with the City to meet this critical need. 

To operate the overnight shelter during a called EWE comes with an associated cost to operate at two-hundred ($200) dollars a night. If any member of the community would like to sponsor a Night of Hope can make the donation payable to Salvation Army at 304 East 7th Street, Hopkinsville, KY 42240. 

For additional information about the EWE or how to sponsor a Night of Hope, please contact Alisa Barton, Salvation Army at (270) 885-9633.