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Hopkinsville Fire Department Rolls Out Special Eclipse Uniform Shirts

Hopkinsville Fire & EMS has unveiled a special Solar Eclipse uniform shirt that will be worn by firefighters and paramedics from now through August 2017.

These shirts, which display the Hopkinsville Fire Department shield on the left front chest area, are navy blue and feature a custom Solar Eclipse design on the back.  The word “Eclipseville” is emblazoned with the Solar Eclipse crescent and divides the words “Fire” and “EMS,” with a fire hose spraying the flames of the sun.

HFD t-shirt - web

Above the design on the back is a QR code that directs users to so that all who scan it have access to a wealth of Solar Eclipse information.

“With Hopkinsville Fire Department’s high run volume and transport EMS services, our staff can be seen anywhere from Louisville to Nashville and beyond,” said Hopkinsville Fire Chief Freddie Montgomery. “We hope to be the walking billboards of the city’s Eclipse efforts. We have added the QR code to our uniform t-shirts to help get the information out to citizens, visitors and potential Eclipse chasers, by taking them straight to the Eclipse information website.”

These specialty tees will not be for sale to the public, as they are actual uniform pieces for the Fire and EMS crew members.

The Hopkinsville Fire Department strives to preserve the lives and property of citizens and visitors through fire prevention and suppression, rescue, emergency medical care, Haz-Mat incident mitigation, and public education.

For additional information regarding the 2017 Solar Eclipse, please contact Brooke Jung, Solar Eclipse Marketing & Events Consultant at 270-887-4290 or

About the Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, Hopkinsville, KY, will be the Point of Greatest Eclipse for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  Astronomers estimate up to 100,000 visitors will be descending upon Hopkinsville (dubbed as “Eclipseville”) throughout Eclipse weekend. With 81 percent of the US population within 600 miles of the path of totality, this will be the most viewed solar eclipse in history.

As a community, Eclipseville is planning over 20 festivals and events that will take place Eclipse weekend, leading up to the event itself on that second-to-last Monday in August. As the designated Point of Greatest Eclipse, Hopkinsville is designated by NASA as the point where the moon’s axis is closest to the earth, which makes us especially appealing to astronomy enthusiasts around the world.

Guests to the area will have an opportunity to build a unique itinerary and celebrate this extraordinary event with fellow eclipse chasers. Reservations have been received from 34 states and 12 countries all excited for the Eclipse.