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Book-A-Bike Locations Expand, Cost Decreases

The Hopkinsville Christian County Public Library (HCCPL) has made changes to the Book-A-Bike Program.  Effective Tuesday, 6/1/21, all bike checkouts are $1 for 
HCCPL library card holders and non-library card holders.  The program has also increased the total number of checkouts available by an adult to 5 bikes and the program has expanded its check out locations to include the Hopkinsville/Christian County YMCA, 7805 Eagle Way, Hopkinsville.  

DeeAnna Sova, Executive Director of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library, shared, “We are excited to have the YMCA as another participant for our Book-A-Bike partnership.  The YMCA already provides the health platform, and this will be another inexpensive option for not only YMCA members, but to all of the community.”  The book-a-bike program is in its 5th year at HCCPL and was funded by the Indian Physician Alliance Community (IPACS) in an effort to provide bicycles as a resource for a healthier community.  Bikes for all ages are available in three sizes for children, youth and adults.  Bike rentals also include helmets.  Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and bikes can be rented for the day and returned one-hour before close at the facility in which they were rented.  

The program was expanded in 2019 to not only provide bikes at the public library, but to include the Hopkinsville Visitors Center, 1730 E. 9th Street and the Planters Bank Jennie Stuart Sportsplex, 155 Tilley Way.  While the YMCA is membership based, you do not have to be a member of the YMCA to check out one of the 4 bikes, of various sizes, that will be available.    

“The Hopkinsville Christian County Family YMCA is excited to partner with HCCPL and their Book-A-Bike program.  With a large parking lot, parents will have a safe place to teach their children to ride a bike.  We are very excited about this partnership opportunity and to be able to offer another activity for families at the Hopkinsville YMCA”, shared Sheryl Ellis, Hopkinsville YMCA CEO.  The Book-A-Bike program is open to both YMCA members and non-members and bikes can be rented during normal operating hours.  

DeeAnna Sova said, “The opportunity to expand the footprint of the program, decrease the cost of rental and increase the number of bikes a family can use at one time is a continuing part of our mission to work to eliminate barriers to services and resources provided by the public library.  The book-a-bike program provides an excellent opportunity to increase the health of the community and to get people moving all across town.”    

The opportunity to check out a bike provides an inexpensive option for families that may want to bike together, but without the larger financial commitment of purchasing bikes.  The library is located on the Hopkinsville Greenway System which provides an excellent place to bike at your own pace.  

For hours of operation, please contact any of the four facilities websites or social media pages. 

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