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Phase I of the Sudden Service Station Restoration Project Commences October 9th

Under the leadership of Adam Perry and Jeff Allen, Stanley Engineered Fastening is helping us undertake Phase I of the Sudden Service Station Restoration Project.  Approximately 15 employees of Stanley Engineered Fasteners descended upon the southeastern gateway of the Downtown Renaissance District the morning of October 9th to contribute their time, talent and services to be a part of our ongoing downtown revitalization efforts.

Plans for restoring the Sudden Service Station have been in the works for a number of years, but were stifled due to the anticipated associated costs.  But when Stanley Engineered Fastening approached CDS about providing volunteer labor for a community service project, the Sudden Service Station Restoration Project began to get its legs and regain its momentum. 

Several community partners are coming together this week to make Phase I of this restoration project happen.  In addition to Stanley Engineered Fastening, Milton Outlaw, of Outlaw Contracting Company, donated his services the latter part of last week to ensure the unstable portion of the roof was brought down in a safe and effective manner.   Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority (HWEA) is providing assistance with preserving bricks that are being removed from 2 additions that were built on to the original 1919 structure.

The Sudden Service Station was built in 1919 and later relocated to its present site.  It was originally on the north east corner of 12th and Main Streets.  The firm sold Indian Red Gasoline and Havoline Oil.  In 1935 the landmark was moved, with its brick veneer intact, to its present site.  It was then operated by Meador Bros (Ralph & Tim) until 1978.  The S.O.S. Shop operated by University Heights Academy, was one of the last occupants of the building (history provided by Mr. William T. Turner).  The Local Development Corporation acquired the property in 2008. 

The Local Development Corporation oversees the Downtown Renaissance District whose mission statement is: “The Downtown Renaissance District Program will undertake community development activities in the Downtown Renaissance District to provide an attractive, accessible, sustainable, walkable, business-friendly hub that honors our past and welcomes our future.”  The Sudden Service Station Restoration Project epitomizes the goals contained within that mission statement.

Phase I of the restoration project includes downsizing the structure to its original footprint, gutting the interior and replacing the roof.  It is hoped that further phases will include additional preservation work so the facility may serve as public restrooms to be utilized in conjunction with the recently renovated Peace and Virginia Parks.  However, the additional phases will be largely contingent upon additional community support in the form of volunteer labor and resources in the areas of masonry, carpentry, electrical and plumbing work.  Please contact us at 270.887.4285 if you would like to learn more about this project or sign up to volunteer your time, talent and resources.

 The project has been designed by CoActive Architecture, with Chris Spurr serving as graduate architect, and is being administered by Community and Development Services, with David Carroll and LeeAnn Sorrell coordinating the efforts.

 The below photo is provided courtesy of Christian County Historian Mr. William T. Turner.

sudden service station - resized