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City to Break Ground on Phase 2 of Hopkinsville Greenway Rail Trail

Today Mayor Carter Hendricks and city officials extended an invitation to trail enthusiasts and the general public alike to celebrate a groundbreaking for the second phase of the Hopkinsville Greenway Rail Trail.  The event will be held Thursday, October 3 at 2:00 p.m. at the Pardue Lane Trailhead at 151 Pardue Lane.  

Mayor Hendricks expressed his sincere appreciation for the support and continued dedication of City Council and staff to invest in the significant quality of life project.  He noted, “We are excited to continue with the Hopkinsville Greenway. We know that 21st century cities are connected cities. This phase will help us continue to build a safer, happier, and healthier Hopkinsville.”  

The keystone feature of the trail expansion is a pedestrian bridge, which once constructed, will be the longest of its kind in the state.  The bridge design was essential to the project to ensure the safety of trail-goers traversing one of the busiest intersections in town at Lafayette Road and Country Club Lane. 

Breaking ground on phase two of the rail trail marks the culmination of the Hoptown-Christian County WINS projects authorized by Hopkinsville City Council.  The $4,640,129 project will add another 1.7 miles of trail to the existing greenway system, taking it from Pardue Lane to Foston Chapel Road near Eagle Way Bypass. 

The project is also supported by grant funds in the amount of $716,000 from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and an additional $100,000 from the Recreational Trails Program.  Thanks to a partnership with the Hopkinsville Surface and Stormwater Utility, the trail extension will also be complimented by added landscaping and improvements to redesign the existing detention basin making the highly visible intersection more appealing to area travelers.  

The expanded trail system continues to be a key component of ongoing local healthy community initiatives.  Along with parks redevelopments at 2nd Street and Joe Mumford Parks, this first class rail trail expansion will greatly enhance recreational opportunities for local residents and area visitors. 

For additional information about the groundbreaking, please call (270) 890-0200.

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