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Hopkinsville Achieves Certified City of Ethics Distinction

The City of Hopkinsville recently received the "Certified City of Ethics" designation.  The voluntary program, developed by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC), encourages cities to adopt and adhere to a set of key ethical principles and a comprehensive model ethics ordinance.  

The ordinance guides conduct of city officials and their employees in areas such as financial disclosures, conflicts of interests and outside employment.  The ordinance also contains strong penalty provisions – including public reprimands, fines and removal – for city officials and employees who violate the ordinance. 

Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks expressed, “The city is honored to receive this prestigious designation. We will remain committed to being an open transparent, and ethical government. 

The certification process included specific training which city officials and employees completed on December 5.  At that time, KLC reviewed the city’s code of ethics ordinance to determine if it complied with the criteria set out in KRS 65.003.  The city also received a plaque and is now authorized by KLC to use a "Certified City of Ethics" logo on stationery, road signs, city vehicles and other uses. 

City of Ethics Attendees2
City officials accept Hopkinsville’s Certified City of Ethics plaque after recent training.   Pictured from left to right: CFO Robert Martin; City Attorney Doug Willen; Board of Ethics Members Jim Monroe, Jim King, Cornelia Belle, Susan Fernandez, and Rich Cooper; Councilmember Kimberly McCarley, Councilmember Don Ahart, Mayor Carter Hendricks, Councilmember Jason Bell, Councilmember Amy Craig, Councilmember Terry Parker, Councilmember Patricia Bell, Councilmember Tom Johnson, Councilmember Jimmy Dossett, Councilmember Paul Henson, and City Clerk Crissy Fletcher

Kentucky League of Cities

Based in Lexington, KLC is a voluntary, nonprofit membership association that provides legislative advocacy, legal services, consulting services and training to more than 360 member cities.  KLC also provides insurance and financial services to municipal agencies throughout Kentucky. 

For more information on Hopkinsville’s Certified City of Ethics designation, contact KLC at (800) 876-4552 or Hopkinsville City Clerk Crissy Fletcher at (270) 890-0210.