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City Officials Enlist Help of the Public to Closely Monitor Local Parks and Stores to Ensure Adequate Social Distancing

Upon request of Governor Andy Beshear, city officials remind families and businesses, including grocery, hardware, and convenience store management, to ensure customers continue to practice social distancing – even when caring for those essential needs. The public should also be mindful of social distancing when using public spaces like walking trails, the dog park, or sidewalks for needed recreation. However, all other parks and restrooms remain closed.

All are reminded how the commendable efforts of the community would be undermined if these outings are treated as opportunities for social gatherings.

Businesses and individuals failing to engage in social distancing may receive visits from city officials including Hopkinsville Fire and Police Department personnel or parks officials.

For questions or to report concerns, please call Hoptown Hotline at (270) 887-4000 or visit or @CityofHopkinsville on Facebook or Twitter.