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Public Comments (Land & Water Conservation Fund 2020 Grant)

The City of Hopkinsville is proposing to construct two (2) Group Shelters and one (1) playground at the Pardue Lane Park Site in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The proposed project is part of a new passive park that encompasses approximately 45.91 acres in the southern area of the City. The City purchased the park site property, which is commonly referred to the RC Owen Property from the Avondale Development Company in September 2009, with the intent to construct a passive park. The proposed project is directly related to several local planning efforts, including Quality of Life, Recovery Action Plan, the Master Drainage Plan, and the Parks and Recreation Connectivity Committee. The Quality of Life section of the Hopkinsville-Christian County Comprehensive Plan Goals and Objectives, March 2019 addresses a variety of elements within the community that have direct influence on the Quality of Life, which includes the incorporation and creation of recreational facilities.  

The City considered all of the above factors in the decision to proceed with the purchase of the RC Owen Property for the purpose of constructing a passive park. The site plan depicts a 45.91-acre passive park area complete with walking trails, a playground, a play area, two (2) pavilions, two (2) parking areas, benches, lighting, grills, picnic tables, drinking fountains, a maintenance building, a restroom facility, and landscaping elements. The site also provides for two (2) much needed detention basins that provide for stormwater drainage in this area of the City. The City intends to complete the entire proposed project using a combination of local general funds earmarked for this activity, grants, and volunteer labor. The proposed project under this application is for two (2) group shelters and one (1) playground at the Pardue Lane Park Site in Hopkinsville.

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