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Code of Enforcement Board (COEB) Lien Foreclosure Program

The Hopkinsville Code of Ordinance Enforcement Board (COEB) meets monthly to conduct hearings on all pending citations issued by code enforcement officers. The citations include nuisance complaints for garbage, trash and weeds; basic property maintenance code violations; and unsafe structure violations. If the COEB determines a violation does exist on the property, an order is entered setting forth the fine and administrative fee.

Many properties in the city are repeat offenders and numerous liens have accumulated on these properties as the fines and fees remain unpaid. The COEB has identified all of these properties and is in the process of initiating legal actions in the Christian Circuit Court against the property owners. Approximately 20 properties across the city will be included in the first phase of lawsuits. These properties all include multiple unpaid liens and are either abandoned, vacant, or are repeat nuisance violators.

As a result, the goal of the City of Hopkinsville’s COEB Lien Foreclosure Program is to not only recover the fines and fees on these properties, but also to remove nuisance and abandoned properties from their current status and place them back into productive use. This will result in the removal of repeat offender properties and reduce the number of properties routinely abated by Public Works. The end result should be additional revenue to the city, the improvement of neighborhoods, and a reduction in the number of properties abated by Public Works. Learn more at or