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Updates on 911 Service/Communications Outage in Christian County

Update from ECC, 12/27/20 - Our admin lines are working! You can now dial 270-890-1300 as well as 270-632-2714. You are also able to dial 911 as normal and reach us. However, with the back up system we are operating on we are unable to tell the difference between admin and 911 so please be patient! If you dial 270-890-1300 and you are not immediately connected to a dispatcher, hang up and try again. Due to the rerouting of the numbers, if we get multiple on that line at one time, they do not all come through.

Update, 12/26/20 11:21am - 
AT&T Communication Services continue to have issues. According to their website, portable cell sites are being deployed in Nashville and surrounding areas. At this time, there is no indication when we can expect services to be restored in our area. Unfortunately, if you have AT&T as a cellular/ internet provider, you are unable to text or call 911. You will need to connect to an alternative internet provider to do so.

Calling 270-632-2714 or 270-887-4141 Ext. 1 will get you in direct contact with a dispatcher.

Hopkinsville Police Department has shared an additional number for contacting emergency services. All numbers provided by ECC are listed below:
270-632-2714 *new as of 11:00am 12/26/20*
270-887-4141 ext. 1

If you are unable to connect to 911 dispatch, and need emergency services, HFD addresses for each station are listed below:
St. 1: 116 West 1st Street
St. 2: 1108 Skyline Drive
St. 3: 3203 Canton Pike
St. 4: 9505 Eagle Way Bypass
St. 5 (EMS-only): 2801 Walter Garrett Lane Oak Grove, KY 42262

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12/25/20 - Due to an issue with AT&T Communications, ECC is currently unable to receive phone calls.

*We do not know when AT&T will be back up.*

If you have an emergency, PLEASE TEXT 911 or contact ECC on one of the numbers below:

12/25/20 Update from Christian County Sheriff’s Office:
As many of you know, many areas in the southeast are experiencing major communication outages, including Christian County.
Here's what you need to know:
-Text 911 is still working for everyone one EXCEPT AT&T customers and is currently one of the two only ways to reach a dispatcher.
-The backup numbers for ECC are not currently working. So to assist with that, CCSO is taking additional steps.
To help with citizen's ability to reach out for help, Deputies will be posted at the following locations (unless they have to leave for an emergency):
-Crofton (Huck's convenience store)
-Pembroke (Pembroke Minit-Mart)
-Gracey (Dairy Dip)
-I-24 (roaming)
-Pennyrile Parkway (roaming)
We will also have a few more deputies roaming various parts of the county.
You may also contact our office phone, 270-887-4141, and choose option 1. We will have personnel monitoring that number.
If you need first responder assistance, please reach out to the officers in those areas.
You also may message ECC on their Facebook Page if you are needing assistance:
Crews are doing the best they can to provide emergency services during this outage. Please be patient as we all try and adapt to the conditions we are faced with.