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VIDEO: Watch the Non-Partisan Elections Citizens Committee Meeting & Public Comments

The Non-Partisan Elections Citizens Committee established by Mayor Wendell Lynch will hold its next meeting Thursday, January 13th at 5:30 p.m. at the Hopkinsville Municipal Center Complex. The purpose of the meeting is to solicit comments from the public regarding non-partisan elections.

The public is encouraged to attend in person to make comments. Speakers will be required to state their name and address for the record prior to making comments. Comments will be limited to two-minutes per person. The meeting will not be streamed live; however, it will be recorded for playback on the City’s website and Facebook page @CityofHopkinsville.

Non-Partisan Elections Citizens Committee Background

Mayor Lynch established the Non-Partisan Elections Citizens Committee in response to uncertainty within the community regarding holding non-partisan elections in the City of Hopkinsville. The Committee is tasked with a number of things including learning and educating the public in an unbiased manner and hosting meetings to allow for feedback and education on the issue.

To review past minutes of meetings, records compiled by the Committee, or to view the previously held public forum visit

For questions or additional information, please call Crissy Fletcher, City Clerk (270) 890-0210 or email