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Where in the Pennyrile were the Mayors this Time?

LBL (The Land Between the Lakes or the land between Livingston and Lyon Counties.)

Keeping with the MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership) coordinators with area health departments and the recurrent theme to “get up and go” four Pennyrile mayors (Mickey Alexander, Marion; Gale Cherry, Princeton; Jenny Sewell, Dawson Springs and Nancy Slaton, Eddyville) set out to hike the woods of the LBL. The collective hope is that individuals and families will take the opportunity to see what’s available for healthy living in the Pennyrile region.

A perfect place to start is the Lite Side Café in Livingston County’s Grand Rivers where Irene and Bob Bryan fix delicious offerings for both the lite and dark sides of appetites. This particular autumn morning began with Pumpkin, Raisin and Pecan Mini Muffins.

Of course there are satisfying entrées like Egg Casserole and Eggs Benedict. A Blue Crab Eggs Benedict on Croissant with fresh fruit is quite enough to be shared by two. If you do share, your breakfast comes in at about 444 calories and that includes hollandaise sauce and one mini muffin!

Stoked with fuel and water, backpacks and walking sticks, the mayors set out on a three-mile hike on the Canal Loop Trail beginning at the North Welcome Station (get a map) of the LBL in Lyon County. The most southern portion offers beautiful vistas of the woods and water and on this particular day, a perfectly blue sky. A moderate hike of this nature will eat up about 349 calories per hour depending on elevation changes and pace.

If a later time is more appealing, it’s good information to know that the Bryan’s at Lite Side Café will pack you a lunch to take along for the hike. Just remember to take care of your trash. The slogan is “pack it in; pack it out.” Keep these trails clean for everybody.

If a more open view is more to your liking, a bit further down the Trace, beginning at The Nature Station, the Honker Lake Trail (again, get a map) has a completely different landscape for about 4.5 miles.
For more information on any of these locations check out where maps may be viewed. If your appetite has been whet by the Lite Side Café information here’s the skinny. They’re open all year, Thursday through Sunday, 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Check out their website at, or call (270)362-4586.

MAPP has also provided some healthy recipes for viewing and downloading.
Easy Chicken Salad:
For a healthy desert, Rousseau suggests Carrot Cookies with just 130 calories per a serving of two cookies.
Carrot Cookies:

So ride, row, hike and enjoy the health that a more active and attentive lifestyle affords. Rousseau is free to answer any of your questions concerning MAPP at 270-365-6571.

Mayors pictured from l. Jenny Sewell, Dawson Springs; Mickey Alexander, Marion; Nancy Slaton, Eddyville; Gale Cherry, Princeton.

Eileen Bryan of Lite Side Café is quick to point out these tasty little delights are made with yogurt and “Egg Beaters” cutting down on their caloric and fat amounts. These came in at about 98 calories.

I can see for miles
From l. Alexander, Cherry, Slaton, Sewell

Nothin but Blue Skies
From l. Sewell, Alexander, Cherry

Mayors on KY Lake
From l. Alexander, Sewell, Cherry, Slaton