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City's Pretty Because of Hard Work

We’re referring to the beautiful flower arrangements that have graced three main streets in our town this summer.

hbc basketWe called the Public Works Department and they referred us to Anne Casey.

That was just who we wanted as she was full of information about the project.

The hanging baskets and the planters are on South Main Street, Virginia Street and Ninth Street.

It is part of the city’s Beautification Program, and Anne keeps herself busy, as do many volunteers, seasonal workers and many others who help.

The arrangements have been pretty every year, but this year we were especially attracted to the cascading greenery that seemed to grow overnight and was very hearty.

We had never seen anything like it before and that was the first question we asked Anne was what was the long greenery — that looks like a beard — slowly blowing in the wind.

“We wanted something that was hearty and was cascading and we found it in what is called Silver Falls (dichondra) and we got it,” she said.

It has received many compliments.

One woman was visiting friends in Hopkinsville and she commented on how pretty everything was and wanted the name of the long greening vines.

The people at Heirloom Table Home said on Facebook that they would like to see some of the hanging pots in the 1000 block of Main Street near their showroom and a spokesman with the beautification commission promised to do just that next year.

The program has been in progress for about eight years and started with only 25 pots and planters. It has grown to 55 hanging baskets and 40 planters.

A seasonal worker is hired to water the flowers each day of the week and it takes about 250 gallons of waters a day.

The baskets and planters are topped off with colorful flowers, super petunias and other plants.

Volunteers often help and one unusually beautiful place is the depot, where the arts council is housed.

Several days ago, teacher Kim Batts had some of the middle school students volunteering to replant and refurbish the flowers at the depot.

“We have had so many compliments I have had trouble with the big head and getting through the door,” Anne said as she gave credit to the many hard-working people who keep our city beautiful.

Now the pots and hangers are getting kind of tired-looking, and workers are starting to remove them, but don’t worry they will be back next spring and there will be more Silver Falls.

Meanwhile, Anne and many others will be getting ready to decorate downtown for Christmas.

It’s a neverending job for these people, but they do such a good job of making our city beautiful.

Mary D. Ferguson is a staff writer and columnist for the Kentucky New Era. Her column runs every Saturday. She can be reached by telephone at 270-887-3230.