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City Uses Website to Promote Local Winter Weather Resources

Mayor Carter Hendricks announced the launch of a new section on the city’s website designed to promote a variety of winter weather resources available in Hopkinsville.  Located at, this one-stop shop aims to link individuals and groups with a passion for service toward the appropriate organizations to assist the neediest in our community, especially as the colder weather sets in.

At the site, visitors can learn about volunteering, providing financial support, donating needed supplies, and referring individuals to featured crisis relief agencies such as Aaron McNeil, Micah Mission Center, and The Salvation Army.

Mayor Hendricks noted, “We are proud to highlight the important work done by these organizations that serve on the frontlines all year round.  As we know, local needs are particularly heightened during this season of the year.”  He added, “This web portal is one way we hope to reinforce those agency efforts and to encourage the greater public to continue their support and even redoubling their assistance where possible.”

Have questions or ideas about how the city may assist in other local initiatives?  Please visit or call the Mayor’s Office at (270) 890-0200.