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Hopkinsville Ranks in Top 2% Nationally in Fire Suppression

Hopkinsville officials are celebrating the city’s record high results on its latest Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey performed by Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), a risk mitigation division of Verisk Insurance Solutions.  In its 2015 classification, Hopkinsville Fire Department’s primary ISO rating was upgraded from a 4 to a 2, landing it among the top performing communities in the country.   
In fact, Hopkinsville scored 85.44 on the PPC 100-point grade scale.
  • 1   -   90.00 or more
  • 2   -   80.00 to 89.99   
  • 3   -   70.00 to 70.99
  • 4   -   60.00 to 69.99
  • 5   -   50.00 to 59.99
  • 6   -   40.00 to 49.99
  • 7   -   30.00 to 39.99
  • 8   -   20.00 to 29.99
  • 9   -   10.00 to 19.99
  • 10   -   0.00 to 9.99
Fire Chief Freddie Montgomery, Jr. noted, “Being ranked among the top 2% of communities nationwide is a true testament to Hopkinsville’s commitment to maintaining a premier Fire Department and doing our part to ensure our residents and businesses enjoy the most dependable fire protection possible.”
Conducted every ten years, the PPC survey is a comprehensive analysis of the local structural fire suppression delivery system.  In it, ISO uses a nationally recognized rating schedule to grade a community in three categories related to fire suppression: its fire department (50% of the score), the water supply (40%), and emergency communications (10%).  Based on those evaluations, ISO then rates communities from 1 to 10, with one being the best.   
Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks add, “We truly want to thank our public safety partners at the Emergency Communications Center as well as the Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority under the leadership of Derrick Watson.  Without their professionalism, dependable service, and strategic physical and human capital investments, reaching this goal for the benefit of our entire community wouldn’t have been possible.”
What does this mean for the average citizen or business?  The PPC survey plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies.  Receiving better ratings may serve to reduce coverage premiums for personal and commercial property in Hopkinsville.
For additional information, please contact (270) 890-1400.

Table   Distribution of PPC Grades