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Shelby Korman Wins Parks & Rec's "Name the Mascot" Contest

The City of Hopkinsville Parks and Recreation Division has a new mascot and it’s PARKER THE SQUIRREL, officials announced today. 

The winning name and idea was submitted by Shelby Korman, a 10th grader at Christian Co. High School.  Korman’s winning entry was selected from among 150-plus mascot contest suggestions from kids of all ages and from several schools throughout Christian County.  Korman receives four 2016 season passes to the Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center for winning the contest.

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“Since the contest was about “Parks” in Hopkinsville, I thought Parker would be the perfect name for the animal I see most when I go on walks with my family.  We see lots of squirrels. So I got my idea for the mascot from there,” was the explanation from Korman.

“It’s always great to have young people involved with parks and our staff extends a big thanks to all of the students and teachers that participated.  Their ideas were very creative, as anticipated,” said Parks Superintendent, Tab Brockman.  “The students came up with more than 50 different mascot character ideas.  Shelby’s mascot name of PARKER was perfect and stood out among all the names.  And, a squirrel was one of the most popular ideas for the actual mascot.”

The next step in the mascot introduction will be for Parks and Recreation to secure a squirrel mascot costume, hopefully arriving by April.  Soon after that folks will start seeing PARKER THE SQUIRREL at various events around the community. 

“I'm excited that one of our very talented students was able to help us choose our new mascot for Parks and Recreation! I look forward to seeing Parker the Squirrel at a variety of events in the coming months.  Like Parker the Squirrel, I encourage all residents to get involved with our Parks and Recreation programs as there is no better time to get active than now,” said Hopkinsville Mayor, Carter Hendricks. 

Korman’s winning entry was from the group submitted by Ms. Paula Gieseke’s class at Christian Co. High School.  The class worked on their projects as soon as school resumed after the holiday break.

“I love having my art students work on projects, especially when they can see their ideas and creativity impact the community,” said Gieseke, CCHS art teacher.

The Hopkinsville Division of Parks and Recreation estimated that over 300,000 people participated in parks-sponsored events and activities in 2015.  Park officials anticipate that PARKER THE SQUIRREL will be another way for kids and adults to identify with the local parks and will serve as a big part of parks and rec’s overall marketing.

For more information about Hopkinsville Parks and Recreation, visit on the web or call the park office at 270-887-4290.