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Parker the Squirrel Joins Parks and Recreation Staff

The City of Hopkinsville’s Division of Parks and Recreation’s new mascot, Parker the Squirrel, arrived at the Thomas Street Recreation Center on Monday.  The newest staff member made his official debut at the Hopkinsville City Council’s monthly meeting last night.  Parker was selected as the new mascot in February following a community-wide contest for school kids.

Parker the Squirrel is a native of the Hopkinsville area. He cherishes his young squirrel memories of playing baseball in the Hopkinsville Christian County Youth League every summer. He continued his baseball career in high school where he was awarded “All-State Pitcher” in high school.  Parker enjoys working out all around town, lending a hand with local kids, and spending time with his family.
“I’ve been watching Parker grow since he was a squirt of a squirrel. It has been obvious since his early years that Parker has a rare talent and charisma that makes him perfect for the job. Mascot today…Mayor tomorrow? The sky is the limit for Parker and our parks!” Mayor Carter Hendricks stated.

“Introducing Parker the Squirrel to the community is going to be fun process for the Division of Parks and Recreation.  Parker is the newest member of our team and will be a very visible figure in the community.   He will show up at park events and at other gatherings to connect with kids of all ages.  We hope when folks see him, they will automatically know Parker’s a part of their family too,” said Hopkinsville Division of Parks and Recreation Superintendent, Tab Brockman.

“I had Parker in class when he was in middle school. I remember him being a bit feisty, but a good student,” Pam Rudd, Parks and Rec Program Coordinator said.

“I remember Parker when he was a youngster, running through the ball fields, as I worked, sitting on the fence watching everything going on at the park. Man how the years have flown by, now he is an adult working side by side with us. It’s good to see the youngster as part of the team,” observed Parks and Rec Asst. Program Coordinator, Toby Hudson.

Parker the Squirrel will be available for appearances at events around the community. Please contact Hopkinsville Parks and Recreation Division at 270-887-4290 or visit to make arrangements for Parker the Squirrel to attend an event.
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The name and species for the department’s new mascot was submitted by Shelby Korman during a winter contest to select a new Parks and Recreation community icon.  Shelby Korman is a 10th grader at Christian Co. High School.  Her winning idea and drawing were developed during her time in art class with teacher Paula Gieseke.  Parker the Squirrel was the winner from over 150 names presented in the contest.

Parker the Squirrel