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Santa Claus is Comin' to Hoptown on December 20th

Even the cancellation of the Hopkinsville Christmas Parade won’t stop a local visit from Santa.

In a collaboration between Hopkinsville Parks & Recreation, Hopkinsville Fire Department and Hopkinsville Police Department, Jolly Ol’ St. Nick will be riding on a fire truck and visiting area neighborhoods Sunday, Dec. 20, during the inaugural Santa Claus is Comin’ to Hoptown event.

Only Santa is fast enough to travel around town with three separate, simultaneous runs, which will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon. A turn-by-turn list of truck routes is available below.

Each HFD fire truck will be followed by a HPD vehicle, which will safely distribute goodie bags to children.

This event and the bags are made possible by the aforementioned entities, as well as Planters Bank, Hopkinsville Electric System (HES)-EnergyNet, Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority (HWEA), Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library and 1230 AM WHOP/Lite Rock 98.7 FM.

“We realize this has been a tough year for everyone, so we’ve been searching for unique ways we can still put smiles on the faces of children and families this weekend,” said Hopkinsville Parks and Recreation Superintendent Tab Brockman. “This idea was quickly brought to life by our willing partners and sponsors, and we grateful to all of them for bringing Santa Claus to Hoptown.”

Be prepared to take photos from a safe distance; Santa will be remaining on the truck during all neighborhoods stops and drive-bys. For more information, call 270-887-4290 or visit


South on Riverfront
Right on 2nd
Go to Fowler and turn right
Right on West 1st
Go to North Elm and turn left
Go to means and turn right
Means to Boales and turn left
Continue to Cooperfield and turn left
Go to Elm and turn right
Go to Talbert Dr and turn right
Go to North main and turn left
Go north and turn left on Hilltop
Continue full length to North Drive and turn left
Go to Academy and turn right
Take first right onto Emerson Circle
Take full circle back around to Academy and head towards North Drive
Go across North Drive onto Andrew Dr
Continue on Andrew and turn left on Allison
Stay on Allison and turn right on Adams
Turn right on Elizabeth
Go all the way to Talbert and right
Go to end of Talbert and turn left on North Dr
Go down to Glass Ave and turn right
Go to Honeysuckle and turn right
Stay on Honeysuckle to Evergreen Park Dr and turn left
Go back to Glass and turn right
Turn right on Colonette
Go to Waddell and turn left and complete circle
Return to Glass Ave and turn right
Go to 7th and turn right
Right onto Dawson Road
Right onto Sanderson
Right on Holley Street
Left on Pineridge
Left Whispering Hills
Left on Sanderson
Left on Dawson Road
Left on West 7th
Right onto Rose Dr
Go back and turn around at Tropicana
Go back to West 7th and turn right
Left onto Westwood
Right onto Boxwood and circle back around to Westwood and turn left
Return to West 7th and turn left
Go to North Drive and turn right
Left on West 15th
Left on West 14th (Canton)
Travel 14th until South Virginia and turn left
Go to East 1st and turn right
Right on South Campbell
Left on East 2nd
Go to Lewis and turn left
Left onto Hayes St
Go to Vine and turn right
Go across East 1st on Vine
Right onto Wood
Right onto Cottage
Left onto East 1st
Left on Moore’s Dr
Right on Summit
Right on Dade
Right on Short
Left on Massy
Left on East 1st
Right on Shipp
Right on East 7th
Return to Station

Left on Skyline
Right on Jan
Left on Kaui King
Right on Calvin Dr
Left into Eagles Crossing and circle apartments
Right onto Calvin
Right on to East Parkview
Left on Mosley
Right on Skyline
Left on East 9th
Left on Woodmill
Right on Durrett
Go to the end and turn right on Oak St
Right on East 19th
Left on Center
Left on East 18th and go to Walnut
Right on Walnut
Right on Central
Left on Broad
Left East 13th
Right on Walnut
Right on East 9th
Left on McLean
Left on Cayce Ave and loop all the way back to McLean
Left on McLean
Right on Hubbardsville Lane take all the way to Airport
Left on Airport and return to McLean
Turn left on McLean
Right on East 7th
Right on Shipp
Left on East 1st
Travel to Clay Street and turn left
Travel Clay all the way to 18th
Left on East 18th
Right on Harrison
Right on 21st
Left on Hazel
Left on Crockett
Right on East 23rd
Right on South Virginia
Left on Alumni
Left on Latham
Left on Mooreland
Right on South Virginia
Left on Morningside
Right on Cayce Meade
Left on Fairview
Left on Faircourt
Right on Clinton Cir
Left on Crestview/Clinton Circle
Left on South Walnut/Jennette
Right on Jessie
Right on Nelson
Left on Sylvan Terrace
Left on Lindsey
Right on Fairview and go across Nelson to Victory
Turn left on Victory
Left on Country Club
Right on Cardinal
Right on Circle
Right on Remmington and go all the way to the back
Right on Jonaquin Cir
Back to Remmington and turn left
Right on Browning Place
Right on Quail Ridge
Left on Huntington Creek
Right on Circle Dr
Go around circle and head towards Country Club
Turn right on Country Club Lane
Right on Givens Dr
Left on Susan
Right on Marietta and go to Ridgehill
Left on Ridgehill
Left on Skyline Park Dr
Right on Old Clarksville Pike
Right on Hammand Dr
Right on Sivley
Make loop through Morris Estates
Right on Sivley
Take Sivley to Sheridan Cir
Right on Sheridan and back to Sivley
Left on Sivley
Go to Eagles Cove (from Bypass)
Right in to Eagles Cove Dr
Left on Aerie Way
Left on Wing Tip Cir
Take Wing Tip all the way around until Feather Dr
Right on Feather
Right on Claw
Left on Airie Way
Right on Talon Dr
Left on Eagles Cove
Right on to bypass
Right on Lafayette Road
Right on Holiday park Dr
Right on to Nassau Cir
Left on Las Vegas
Right on Bahama
Right on Tanglewood and take Tanglewood all the way around back to Bahama
Right on Bahama and go to Dale Hallow
Left on Dale Hallow
Right on Holiday Park Dr
Right on Lafayette Rd
Right on Southgate and go all the way to the back and turn around in cul-da-sac
Return to Lafayette and turn right
Right on Dell
Left on Keachland
Right on Country Club

Left onto Canton
Left on Navaho Trail
Left on Apache
Go around Apache until Seminole and turn left
Go all the way down Richard to Canton and turn right
Turn left on West Edmonds
Left on West 19th
Right on South Main
Right on West Edmonds
Go all the way to Canton and turn left
Left on Faulkner Street
Right on Starling
Right on Cypress
Left on Canton
Left on Camillia at Chapel House
Travel to Wooldridge and turn left
Left on Buckner
Left on Cherilyn Cir and the immediate right on Merriwood Parkway
Continue around to Christian Health Center and turn right on Faulkner Dr
Left on South Wooldridge
Right on Cox Mill
Left on Pardue
Left on Radford Street and make complete circle of Irish Place and come back out
Turn left on Pardue
Left on Kenwood
Left on Denzil
Go into Apartment complex and turn around at the office and return to Kenwood
Left on Kenwood
Right on South Virginia
Right on Country club
Right onto North Sunset
Left onto Cox Mill
Left on South Sunset
Right onto Koffman at HMS
Go all the way to Lafayette Road and turn right
Right on Lieland Circle
Right on Linda
Right on Candy
Left on Woodlawn
Left on Ginger
Right on Linda
Left on Greenwood
Left on Dusty
Left on Stone Valley
Left on Velma
Right on Velma Dr Ext
Right on Gale
Right on 37th
Right on Velma
Left on Stone Valley
Left on Daven and go to back of subdivision (past the first Simon)
Right on Simon
Left on Green wood
Left on 2nd Linda
Follow Linda all the way back around to Greenwood
Turn left on Greenwood
Left on Hershey
Right on Springmont
Right on Ridgemont
Right Springmont
Left on Tremont
Right on Woodmont
Left on Cox Mill
Left on Fairfax
Stay on Fairfax and go all the way to the back to Lincoln Way and turn around in cul-da-sac
Return to Cox Mill and turn right
Left on Deepwood
Stay on Deepwood and circle neighborhood and turn left on Sherwood (Skip First Sherwood)
Left on Sheila
Go to Donna Dr and turn left
Take Donna all the way around back to Country Club
Turn right on Country Club
Right on to Millbrooke
Left on Shelia
Left on Wayne (Travel full length of Wayne back to Canton
Turn left on Canton
Turn right on Single Tree
Left on Wainwright
Right on canton
Turn left on Pyle Lane
Right on Peachtree
Right on Devonshire
Left on Wilshire Cir
Back to Peachtree and towards Pyle Lane
Across Pyle to Hunters Lane
Take Hunters Lane back to Ashbury Cir
Left on Ashbury
Left on Cambridge
Left on Colonial Terrace
Left on Millbrooke
Right on Dawn
Left on Millbrooke
Go across Pyle to Pin Oak
Right on Bark Ridge Cir
Left on Pin Oak
Right On Black Oak
Left on Pin Oak
Left on Shallow Lake
Turn left on Morris Circle
Take Morris Cir all the way around and turn right on Shallow Lake
Right on Great Oaks Dr
Right on Pyle Lane
Right on Fox field Road
Loop all the way through Fox field and come back to Pyle Lane
Right on Pyle Lane
Right on Hermitage
Go all the way to the end and turn around and return to Pyle
Left on Pyle
Right onto Oak Hurst
Go to Hurst and turn around and return to Pyle Lane