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"Huts for Mutts" Launched by HPD & Christian County Animal Shelter

For the first time ever, Hopkinsville Police Department’s Animal Control is partnering with the Christian County Animal Shelter in accepting donations, from the public, to help better the lives of dogs in the city limits of Hopkinsville that is called "Huts for Mutts". As Animal Control Officers it is our job to enforce the law, however we strive to build relationships and work with families in our community. Failure to provide adequate shelter for your dog is a Class A misdemeanor via KRS 525.130 (1)(a), however we understand that life happens, and feel that being able to assist a family in providing a home for their dog would make a much larger impact.

New or gently used dog houses can be dropped off at the Christian County Animal Shelter, along with cedar or straw bedding, and cash donations that will go towards the purchasing of dog houses, repair material for used dog houses, and bedding. You can request a receipt for tax purposes at the time of drop-off. If you have a dog house, in the city limits of Hopkinsville, that you are not able to transport for donation, please give HPD Animal Control Officers a call at 270-890-1300 and an ACO will arrange to pick up your donation at no cost to you.

Adequate shelter for a dog means, an appropriate, durable, enclosed, permanent structure, or a structure manufactured to serve primarily as an outdoor shelter for a dog, with a roof, four sides, and a floor raised at least two inches above the ground and constructed in a manner to protect a dog’s feet and legs from injury, with dimensions appropriate for breed and size. The shelter shall provide the dog adequate protection and shelter from heat and cold and from direct effect of wind, rain, and snow, and be of proportional size to allow the natural body heat of the dog to be retained in cold weather. The shelter must have an entry-way to allow the dog to easily enter and exit. The shelter shall have a sufficient amount of clean bedding to keep the dog warm and dry. Metal drums shall not be considered shelter.

For those residents in the city limits of Hopkinsville in need of a dog house, call 270-890-1300 or the Christian County Animal Shelter at 270-887-4184 and a screening process will be done by an Animal Control Officer.