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City Of Hopkinsville Mosquito Spraying Program

Recent heavy rains, combined with warmer temperatures, have created a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The City of Hopkinsville initiated spraying activities in April and we will continue spraying by request until late this Fall.

The City Of Hopkinsville has a Contract with McGee Pest Control's Mosquito Control Team and they are dedicated to taking care of mosquito problems within the City Limits! A Release of Liability Form is required which can be obtained at our office. (Scope of services include: Placing larvacide in standing water to prevent mosquito breeding. Spraying insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes. This process is known as street fogging).

Hopkinsville has many creeks, ponds, and drainage ditches and almost all of those are privately owned as they run across private property, neighborhoods, and subdivisions. Private owners and their neighbors need to take immediate action and work together with their neighbors to eliminate any unnecessary standing water which serves a perfect breeding ground for all mosquitoes.

We will continue spraying until the mosquito population has been eliminated by a strong freeze and until reports of mosquitoes have stopped. If you experience a high number of mosquitoes in your neighborhood, contact our Public Works office at 270-890-0606 or McGee Pest Control at 270-885-2847 and we will provide an additional application in that area.

Health Department has recently received funding and are working with UK to set up site assessments in our area setting traps and testing mosquitoes. Their environmentalists are also going to a training, and should the need arise, we will have the training and equipment to treat infected areas. They are also surveying the area identifying breeding habitats for mosquitoes and will treat those areas as needed. 

PLEASE REMEMBER that the first line and the best defense against mosquitoes is you and your action in and around your home or business! Standing water is the culprit – eliminate any source of standing water! Work with you neighbors or adjoining property owners to eliminate standing water sources used by mosquitoes to breed