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LED Enhanced Signs Installed at KY 272/Canton Pike Intersection

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has installed LED enhanced signage on KY 272/Canton Pike in Hopkinsville at the approaches to the Majors Lane/Pyle Lane intersection.

The intersection on Hopkinsville’s west side at KY 272 milepoint 8.274 already has a flashing beacon.  A crash history study by the KYTC District 2 Traffic Engineering Team found 11 crashes at the intersection between October 2013 and October 2016.  Several of those crashes were right angle collisions.

The new LED enhanced signs installed along KY 272/Canton Pike on the intersection approaches provide motorists with warning that the intersection is in a curve and includes a 35 mile per hour advisory speed for approaching traffic.  Motorists are asked to take note of the LED enhanced signage and use appropriate caution to help reduce the number of crashes at the site.

Approximately 10,000 vehicles travel through the KY 272/Canton Pike Intersection with Majors Lane and Pyle Lane at Hopkinsville in an average day.

LED enhanced signs are lined with small LED lights that flash to help alert motorists to various hazards.  The LED signs are generally used at locations where additional traffic safety measures are needed to help reduce crashes.

In addition to the new LED signage, traffic engineers have requested that the intersection be considered for a future reconstruction project to provide better intersection geometry.