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How to Ride

Catching the Bus

  1. Find a place along a bus route that is convenient for you.
  2. Be sure to be near the posted stop sign or designated facility entrance and on the correct side of the street.  
  3. As the Hopkinsville Transit bus approaches, wave so the driver will know you want to board.
  4. Before boarding the bus, allow passengers to exit first.  Please have your exact fare ready, as drivers carry no change.  Also, in the winter always check the front steps for snow or ice and hold on to the hand rail.  As you board, also be sure to let the driver know your destination.  
  5. As you exit, do not cross the street in front of the bus, wait until the bus leaves the stop.
  6. If you are transferring between buses, let the driver know as you board.  Transfers can only be made at the PACS stop on either route.

Deviations/Requesting Stops

Hopkinsville Transit operates a Deviated Fixed-Route. This means passengers may request additional stops as long as they are within city limits, no more than ¾ of a mile from an established route, and requested at least 48-hours in advance.

Click here to see the deviation maps.  To request an additional stop, call Hopkinsville Transit at (270) 890-6055.   

Frequently Asked Questions
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