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Airport Board

Board Description
This board oversees and maintains the Hopkinsville-Christian County Airport.

4 years

2nd Monday of each month at 5pm at the Airport Terminal Building 

Appointed By Members Term Expires
County appt Bart Cayce 12/31/2019
County appt Kenneth Bates 12/31/2020
County appt Tony Jones 12/31/2020
City appt Tom Johnson (CC) 12/31/2021
County appt Ken Tucker 12/31/2022
County  appt Duncan Pheuffer 12/31/2022
City appt Clay Travis 3/31/2023
City appt CJ Daugherty 11/30/2023
City appt Thomas Grant 11/30/2023
City appt Mark Gary 11/30/2024
City appt Bob Bastin 2/28/2025
County  appt Darrell Gustafson  Term


300 Memorial Field Drive
(270) 887-4157