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Conference Center Board (The Bruce)

Board Description
This board manages the affairs of the Corporation and is authorized to make decisions for and in the name of the Corporation.

4 years

3rd Wednesday of each month at 7am at the Convention Center

Members Terms Expire
Holly Hampton 1/31/2022
English Lacy 1/31/2022
Todd Morris 1/31/2022
Julie Zieman Davis 1/31/2022
Julia Crenshaw 1/31/2023
Calvin Givens 1/31/2023
Matthew Kem 1/31/2023
Darrell Gustafson 1/31/2024
Brandi Alexander 1/31/2024
Jack Shah 1/31/2024
Tab Brockman 12/31/2024
Bob Cope 1/31/2025
Marlene Dade 1/31/2025
Eyvette Sellers 1/31/2025
Brooke Jung Ex officio
Kelli Pendleton Ex officio
Steve Tribble Ex officio

Darrell Gustafson
303 Conference Center Drive
(270) 707-7000