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Convention & Visitors Bureau

Board Description
This board ensures the transient room taxes are used by CVB staff according to KRS statues.

3 years

4th Tuesday of each month at 2 pm at local tourism attraction venues

Appointed By Members Terms Expire
Hotel Rep. Harry Parmar 6/30/2021
County Appt Sara Shepherd 6/30/2021
Chamber Rep. Sarah Whitaker  6/30/2021
Hotel Rep. Elliot "Chip" Miles 6/30/2022
Restaurant Rep. David Saldana 6/30/2022
City Rep. Merry Beth Tomaszewski  6/30/2023
Hotel Rep. Justin Whitehair  6/30/2023
County Appt Jerry Gilliam Ex Officio

Brooke Jung
1730 East 9th Street
(270) 887-2300