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Inner-City Advisory Committee

Board Description
This board explores options for improving inner-city development in efforts to address clean and safe neighborhoods, housing stock revitalization, and economic infrastructure through downtown retail development and an economic opportunity plan.

2 years

3rd Wednesday of each month at 11:30am at City Hall

Members Terms Expire
Patricia Bell 6/30/2022
Jason Bell  6/30/2022
Annie Catron 6/30/2022
Dave Fernandez 6/30/2022
Peg Hays 6/30/2022
Jennifer Maddux 6/30/2022
Derrrick Quarles 6/30/2022
Jessie Quarles 6/30/2022
Bernard Standard  6/30/2022
Jason Vincent 6/30/2022
Kenneth Bates 6/30/2022
Mary Martins 6/30/2022
Cameron Mitchell (area rep) 6/30/2022
Dustin Gilbert 6/30/2022
Teresa Wilson (area rep) 6/30/2022

Laura Faulkner
710 South Main Street
(270) 887-4285