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Pennyrile Solid Waste Management Authority

Board Description
This board authorizes, implements, enforces, and administers the area solid waste management plan.  These members serve with 4 other representatives appointed by Crofton, Lafayette, Oak Grove, and Pembroke.

4 years or term of office

2nd Thursday of the month of each quarter: January, April, July and October. Special called meetings as necessary. 

Appointed By Members Terms Expire
City appt Chuck Crabtree (CC) 12/31/2022
City appt Kimberly McCarley (CC) 12/31/2022
City appt Tom Jones 12/31/2024
County appt Henry Gould 12/31/2024
County appt Jerry Gilliam Term
County appt Mark Wells Term

Melody Goodwin
300 Hammond Dr
(270) 886-9484