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Pennyroyal Area Museum Board of Trustees

Board Description
This board oversees operations and initiatives of the Museums of Historic Hopkinsville-Christian County including the Pennyroyal Area Museum and the Woody Winfree Fire Transportation Museum.

4 years

2ndWednesday of each month at 4:30pm at City Hall during museum renovations through Spring 2020

Appointed By Members Terms Expire
County appt Melanie Noffsinger 6/30/2021
City appt Robert Martin 6/30/2022
City appt Amy Craig (CC) 12/31/2022
City appt Diane Croney-Turner 6/30/2023
City appt Chris Gilkey 6/30/2023
City appt Wayne Goolsby  6/30/2023
City appt Brett Pritchett 6/30/2023
City appt B.J. Cayce 6/30/2024
City appt Brandy Wells 6/30/2024
City appt Kiley Killebrew 6/30/2024
City appt Shannon Snorton 6/30/2025
City appt Trevor Hooks 6/30/2025
County appt Maggie Ferguson Term
Historian William Turner Ex officio

Alissa Keller
310 East 9th Street
(270) 887-4270