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Hoptown-Christian County WINS

Hoptown-Christian County WINS is a bold plan for an array of important Wellness, Infrastructure and Neighborhood projects.

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City Projects

Indoor Sportsplex
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The construction of the Hopkinsville Sportsplex was recommended as a needed and viable addition to our community by Pinnacle Indoor Sports, LLC in 2016. The determination was reached after Pinnacle conducted a series of reports for the City of Hopkinsville, including a market feasibility study, pro forma and economic impact report. Pinnacle has conducted over 200 market feasibility studies throughout the U.S. and has recommended moving forward in about 50% of the studies. Pinnacle concluded that there is ample local & regional market support to construct an open concept, multi-sport facility in Hopkinsville.


The studies projected an estimated cost of $5.56 million to construct a 48,000 s.f. facility in Hopkinsville. Pinnacle Indoor Sports reminded the city council that operating proceeds would not be enough to cover payments on construction costs and subsequent loans or debt. With the City of Hopkinsville absorbing construction costs the project’s financial viability also utilizes sponsorships and marketing partners.  The studies revealed several key conclusions to support the objectives of: 1) building local sports tourism revenue; 2) operating in an annual financially self-sustaining model (less initial capital expenses); 3) providing a quality indoor sports venue for the local populace.

Greenway Expansion
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An approximate 1.7-mile trail expansion running from the existing Pardue Lane Trailhead to Foston Chapel Road property, the project would extend the trail past multiple apartment complexes and densely populated neighborhoods; approach local high and middle schools; and connect important community amenities and destinations.  Local rail trail construction has enjoyed over a decade of widespread public support with private fundraising from over 100 unique sponsors pledging $344,257 (99.59% of which has been collected) for Phase I completed in 2014.  

This project would improve residential access to free recreational outlets; encourage more mobile lifestyles for citizens of all ages; attract home seekers, especially Fort Campbell-affiliated families and young professionals, to relocate to Hopkinsville; and increase real property values of trail-adjacent lots.
Sidewalk Improvement Plan
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Recommended upgrades would result in the improvement and enhancement of 106,269 square feet of existing sidewalks which currently do not meet city standards.  The project would also add 105,336 square feet of new sidewalk helping connect neighborhoods to the greenway system and improving safety for pedestrians.

The sidewalk plan is designed to improve and enhance the appearance of individual properties, neighborhoods, and the entire community.  Sidewalks provide safe places for pedestrians to walk and ride their bikes, thereby, significantly reducing pedestrian collisions with motor vehicles.
Joe Mumford Park


Project funds would be used for park construction and amenity installation.  

With the relocation of Joe Mumford Park, safety concerns could be put to rest with respect to the secluded nature of the existing park.  The Durrett Avenue neighborhood would not only experience a more centrally located park, but the park would address activities for various age groups while providing appropriate buffering between those sectors.  It would also make great use of an abandoned site within the Durrett Avenue neighborhood.  This project also would make inner city neighborhoods more attractive to potential homebuyers and increase area real property values.

2nd Street Park

An additional $150,000 in funds would be used to supplement an existing $418,000 allocation from a Section 108 loan as well as redevelopment funds within the city’s general fund and CDBG funds.  The project would include park construction and amenity installation.  


With the relocation of 2nd Street Park, the Eastside neighborhood would enjoy a larger neighborhood park with new, modern equipment located adjacent to a community facility that could be utilized for private rental purposes.  The proposed location provides greater access for recreational opportunities to the residents surrounding the site.  This project also would make inner city neighborhoods more attractive to potential homebuyers and increase area real property values.

County Projects

Ag Expo 

Christian Fiscal Court approved a $1.7 to $2 million partnership with 
the Christian County Agricultural Extension Foundation to establish a new 45,000 square foot indoor ag facility that will play host to livestock shows, youth activities like archery and other events in the local community.  Construction is slated to begin this fall adjacent to the extension office on Pembroke Road.  

Convention Center 

This investment will yield another 14,800 square feet of facility space.  Additionally, a new 100-room Holiday Inn will be located adjacent to the Bruce.

The expanded footprint and close proximity lodging will expand the Bruce's attractiveness to conventions, expos, and other events - making the already successful center an even more desirable tourism destination.

Alhambra Theater
$2,480,943 ($500,000 from city)

Funds would support the preservation and upgrade of this historically significant theater owned and maintained by the county.  The scope of work would include purchase of a new marquee, roof repairs/gutter replacement, brick work, sprinkler replacement, new curtains, plaster repair, and plumbing repairs in the bathrooms.

This investment would serve to increase programming for both educational and community events in addition to resulting in increased ticket sales and revenue for the theater.  The project would also complement other successful downtown revitalization efforts.

Pennyroyal Area Museum
$1,500,000 ($500,000 from city)

Building improvements are to be made to the 1914 Post Office building that has served as the Pennyroyal Area Museum since 1976.  Proposed upgrades include window and roof repair, restroom facility upgrades/additions, and new interior lighting to enhance the primary exhibit space.  The building is a contributing property in the Hopkinsville Commercial Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  This city-owned architectural gem is maintained by the museum, which had a building analysis completed last year and, with the assistance of an architectural firm, is prioritizing the museum's future building and programming needs to produce the greatest impact.

Planned renovations and restoration are in line with strategic plan assessments aimed at fulfilling the museum’s mission to cultivate regional pride and to tell the community's authentic stories – In as inclusive and comprehensive way as possible – by creating an enjoyable, engaging learning environment that encourages conversations about our unique history and diverse heritage.