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Indoor Sportsplex

The construction of the Hopkinsville Sportsplex was recommended as a needed and viable addition to our community by Pinnacle Indoor Sports, LLC in 2016. The determination was reached after Pinnacle conducted a series of reports for the City of Hopkinsville, including a market feasibility study, pro forma and economic impact report. Pinnacle has conducted over 200 market feasibility studies throughout the U.S. and has recommended moving forward in about 50% of the studies. Pinnacle concluded that there is ample local & regional market support to construct an open concept, multi-sport facility in Hopkinsville.

The studies projected an estimated cost of $4,608,000 to construct a 48,000 s.f. facility in Hopkinsville. Pinnacle Indoor Sports reminded the city council that operating proceeds would not be enough to cover payments on construction costs and subsequent loans or debt. With the City of Hopkinsville absorbing construction costs the project’s financial viability also utilizes sponsorships and marketing partners.  The studies revealed several key conclusions to support the objectives of: 1) building local sports tourism revenue; 2) operating in an annual financially self-sustaining model (less initial capital expenses); 3) providing a quality indoor sports venue for the local populace.