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Sidewalk Improvement Plan

April 2021: Sidewalk replacement has resumed in Eastside Neighborhood where work is 97% complete. Replacement sidewalks in Durrett Avenue Neighborhood will resume in Mid-May.  A new sidewalk on Holiday Park Drive is scheduled for mid-summer.  $966,351 or 76% of the $1,267,764 sidewalk budget has been spent to-date. 

January 2021: Canton Street new sidewalks are 100% complete.  Sidewalk replacements in the Eastside Neighborhood are 96% complete.  Work in the Durrett Avenue neighborhood will resume in the spring of 2021.  $952,518 or 75% of the $1,267,764 sidewalk budget has been spent to date. 

September 2020: New sidewalks on Canton Street and Lafayette Road sidewalk are 99% and 100% complete respectively.  The last portion of Canton is scheduled to be completed week of October 5th.  $835,906 or 66% of the $1,267,764 sidewalk budget has been spent to date. 

July 2020: For new sidewalks, Lafayette Road sidewalk is 99% complete, and Canton Pike sidewalk is 70% complete.  $821,328 of the new sidewalk budget has been spent to date.  Pouring of replacement sidewalks was paused and scheduled to resume in August 2020.  Delays were caused due to COVID-19-related staffing shortages.

November 2019: Work has continued with sidewalks replaced on Jessup and Fowler Streets.  Westside, East Side, and Durrett Avenue neighborhood projects are 95%, 42%, and 40% complete respectively.

September 2019: Replacement sidewalk work is 75% complete in West Side Neighborhood.  Sidewalks have been completed on Richard Street and Sanderson Drive.  Crews are awaiting state permit approval for work to begin on Lafayette Road and Canton Pike.  Overall new sidewalk construction projects are 75% complete.

September 2018: Public Works is working on replacement sidewalks in various neighborhoods: Bryan Street, Canton, Eastside, and Durrett Avenue.  New sidewalks under construction are Millbrooke Drive (95% complete) and Pyle Lane (80% complete).

July 2018: Public Works is currently working on replacement sidewalks in Eastside Neighborhood where 4,721 square feet of sidewalk have been completed.  Additionally, 7,259 square feet of sidewalk has been replaced in the Durrett Avenue neighborhood.  Public Works crews have temporarily suspended sidewalk work in Durrett Avenue during the Atmos gas line replacement project scheduled through early 2019 as the project is in the same areas where sidewalks will be replaced.  Completed new sidewalks include those on Glass Avenue, Woodmill Road, and Pardue Lane.   New sidewalks under construction are Millbrooke Drive (30% complete) and Pyle Lane (75% complete).

December 2017: City Council approves bond funding for project.  

August-September 2017: Sidewalk project on Woodmill Road completed.

June-July 2017: Durrett Avenue, College Street, Broad Street, Central Avenue, and Glass Avenue sidewalks completed.  

May 2017: Public Works evaluates and prioritizes 50 total projects.

April 2017: Contracts signs with construction firms for new sidewalk construction. 

February 2017: City Council approves $1,267,764 for project.